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Develop a methodology to assess the contribution of IPR-intensive industries to the ASEAN economies

This activity is aimed at preparing the grounds for interested AMSs in measuring the economic impact of IP rights in their economies by quantifying the contribution made by IPR-intensive industries (those having an above-average use of IPR per employee) thereto.


This activity consists in providing for a regional platform for the exchange information and data in relation to IPR-intensive industries in the ASEAN region as well as to discuss and develop a methodology for conducting a study in the contribution of such industries to the ASEAN economy.




In this respect, the project organised a regional workshop in cooperation with the ASEAN Secretariat that gathered expert economists from all ASEAN IP Offices, the ASEAN Secretariat and experts from EUIPO that have performed similar studies in Europe. This regional meeting took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 29-30 April 2014.


The meeting was conducted by a member of EUIPO´s Chief Economist Team that presented the study entitled “Intellectual Property Rights Intensive Industries: Contribution to economic performance and employment in the European Union” which was published by EUIPO in cooperation with the EPO in September 2013. This study served as the template for the works carried out during the workshop. The representative of EUIPO together with the ECAP project leader and the ECAP IP expert reviewed the methodology used in the above indicated study.


The meeting then discussed the data requirements (data on IP rights and sectorial economic data) needed to conduct a similar IP study at national and regional level, with particular attention to the method of assigning IP rights owners to economic and industrial sectors and the importance of the quality of the data as per its heavy impact on the quality of the study results.


As a result, officials from ASEAN IP Offices and from ASEC acquired increased technical capacity to conduct similar studies in their respective countries as well as in ASEAN that would help provide evidence that can be used by policymakers in their work, and to serve as a basis for raising awareness of Intellectual Property among citizens and the business community in the ASEAN region.


Regional Workshop - April 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia.   Learn more...