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Exchange of best practices on GI control within ASEAN and with producers from other countries

The reputation of a GI relies, to a large extent, on the specific qualities and characteristics of the product and the link of those with the territory from where the product originates, and an important element in preserving and maintaining that reputation consists in ensuring an adequate control on the quality of the product itself and its production process.



It is therefore important for GI producers to identify and apply best practices on GI control. Towards this end, the project has provided for the organization of one-day national seminars with a focus on GI control in interested ASEAN countries, namely Indonesia,Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam.



The national seminars were conducted by a GI expert and attended by a total of 140 participants from the private sector (ASEAN GI producers) and national IP Offices. The expert shared success stories of GIs originating and the importance of GI control in enhancing the qualities and characteristics of products that are identified as GIs. The expert also emphasized the necessity for GI producers to apply best practices on GI control to ensure the quality of the product. The workshop format was interactive, aiming to encourage exchange of views and information from the IP officials and GI producers. The seminars focused on GI control as a means to enhance the quality of GIs in ASEAN.




September 2015

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October 2015

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October 2015

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