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Guidelines on the examination and registration of industrial designs

This activity is aimed at enhancing the quality, consistency and transparency of the work undertaken by the ASEAN IP Offices with regards to the examination and registration of industrial designs. This result will be achieved through the elaboration of guidelines that may be applied by interested ASEAN IP Offices. They will be available for incorporation into the national manuals for design examination of interested IP Offices and will offer a practical tool for the training of design examiners and a useful reference document for professional advisors.


In 2015, the guidelines will be elaborated in English by a group of experts from the ASEAN IP Offices with the assistance of a project consultant. In their elaboration, due account will be taken of the laws, regulations, case law and practices of the participating ASEAN countries, including those already reflected in existing design examination manuals. The EUIPO guidelines for the examination of designs will also serve as a reference material.