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Information and dissemination events on the protection of trade marks through the Madrid system addressed to ASEAN stakeholders

This activity is aimed at developing or enhancing the capacity of the business community in interested ASEAN countries to seek protection for their trade marks in foreign markets through the Madrid Protocol.


This activity will consist of organizing information events addressed to relevant stakeholders (including SMEs, legal advisors, etc.) and focusing on providing information to those stakeholders about how to better take advantage of the Madrid Protocol route in the context of strategies to obtain trademark protection in different jurisdictions, including in combination with regional protection systems such as the EU Community Trade Mark system.


National Open Seminars


Starting in July 2014, national open seminars have been organised as follows:



July 2014

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August 2014

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September 2014

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PHILIPPINES October 2014

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MALAYSIA November 2014

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MYANMAR January 2015

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LAO PDR February 2015

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The national open seminars have been attended by relevant stakeholders (including local SMEs, national IP associations, IP advisors and attorneys, etc.) and focussed on providing information about how to obtain legal protection for their IP assets at the international level in various jurisdictions by using a combination of national, regional and international protection systems.


The national seminars addressed IP protection both in the country and in the export markets through the Madrid Protocol, the Hague Agreement, the EU Community Trademark and the EU Registered Community Design. Specific topics regarding Trademark and Design Information and Management Tools, such as ASEAN TMview, ASEAN Designview and ASEAN TMclass, were also introduced.