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Making the ASEAN trade mark classification database available on the web

This activity aims at making the contents of the ASEAN common database of goods and services largely available to the public, on line, so that trade mark owners may become clearly aware of the trade mark classification practice followed by the participating ASEAN IP Offices.




In 2014, the project IT team worked on the development of a search tool enabling access to the ASEAN TMclass database content.  A prototype of this tool, showing its main functionalities, was demonstrated at the ASEAN Trademark Consultation Meeting held in Bandar Seri Begawan in September 2014.




The search tool became operational for use by the ASEAN IP Offices in March 2015.  Later in the year, the search tool will be made available to the public. The project will be available to assist interested ASEAN IP Offices in providing online access to TMclass through their official websites.  Moreover, the project has envisaged means to make ASEAN TMclass also accessible through the ASEAN IP Portal and TMclass.