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Sharing experience on GI protection systems in ASEAN countries

This activity is aimed at enhancing the protection of GIs in the ASEAN region.


According to the approved ECAP III Phase II Work Plan 2013, the project would provide support to a consultation meeting of ASEAN representatives to be organized in order to assess the outcome of the survey on GI protection systems in the AMSs and formulate recommendations on how to enhance such protection.


Consultation Meeting in Hanoi, May 2013


In line with this premise, a Consultation Meeting was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 21 May 2013, back to back to the Seminar on the Protection of ASEAN GIs in Existing and Potential Export Markets, related to activity Advice on the protection of ASEAN GIs in existing and potential export markets.


One GI expert from each ASEAN IP Office attended this meeting together with representatives of the EU Delegations to Thailand and Vietnam and the ECAP III Phase II Project Leader.


In preparation for this meeting, a questionnaire concerning GIs, prepared by the National Office of Industrial Property of Vietnam (NOIP) in the framework of the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2011-2015 initiative 11, was circulated to all ASEAN IP Offices.  The results of this survey were jointly revised and discussed by the AMSs GI experts during the session.


Two of the main subjects addressed during the session relate to allowing the registration and protection of homonymous GIs and GIs being integrated in a trade mark. As a result of this information-sharing exercise among AMSs GI experts, this consultation concluded on the importance to further exchange experience in the area of GI and TM registration procedures, the need for GI producers to better understand the control systems that have to be put in place, and the need to improve the promotion and management of GIs, setting up the basis for further actions on this field in future years.


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