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Tools enabling ASEAN IP Offices to make trade mark and design information widely available on the web

This activity is aimed at making information on trademark and industrial design registrations in the ASEAN countries widely available and easily accessible to all interested stakeholders on the web.


This activity consists of assisting interested ASEAN IP Offices in compiling relevant data concerning their national trademark and industrial design registrations and making this data widely available and easily accessible to the public in searchable databases on the web.  In this respect, the project is seeking synergies with OHIM’s similar projects and will provide support to interested ASEAN IP Offices in joining the TMview and Designview international initiatives.




In 2013, the project began collaborating with interested ASEAN IP Offices and provided expertise and assistance for the development and adaptation of tools that would enable them to make their trademark and design data available according to international standards.


To that effect, the project organised expert missions between June and November 2013 to study the ASEAN IP Offices IT infrastructure. In more detail, different aspects such as architecture, search corpus, indexes and engine, standards, web service implementation and security, etc. were addressed.


The information compiled served as a base for the feasibility study that OHIM experts performed during and after the meetings in order to begin the development of the ASEAN TMview, the trademark information tool for the ASEAN region, and for the future development of the ASEAN Designview, the ASEAN design information tool.


As a Proof of Concept (PoC) for the trademark information tool, a prototype of the ASEAN TMview was developed. In early 2014, this prototype already contained more than two million trademarks from seven participating ASEAN countries.




In 2014, the project continue collaborating with interested ASEAN IP Offices with a view to enlarging the content of the ASEAN TMview database so as to cover the full databases and regular updates of all the participating countries. 


ASEAN TMview, the new ASEAN online trademark information tool, was officially launched on 26 August 2014 in Singapore, on the occasion of the celebration of the IPOS IP week.


ASEAN TMview contains more than 2.2 million trademark applications and registrations having effects in the participating ASEAN countries. These are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. It is expected that Myanmar and Vietnam will also join soon.


The ASEAN TMview interface is currently available in five languages:  English, Bahasa Indonesia, Khmer, Lao and Thai. It offers the possibility for users to explore the trademark landscape in the ASEAN region in a user-friendly and powerful way.    


You can access ASEAN TMview at


ASEAN TMview Launch Ceremony. Learn more...




The project will continue to collaborate with the ASEAN IP Offices with a view to enlarging the data coverage of ASEAN TMview to the whole ASEAN region and ensuring regular updates of that data.  Following the integration of Vietnam, the tool provides information on some 3 million ASEAN trademarks.


The project will also prepare an upgraded version of ASEAN TMview offering optimized functionalities and will be available to assist in the establishment of an enhanced linkage with the ASEAN IP Portal offering all those functionalities.   


The project completed the development of ASEAN Designview, the ASEAN common online industrial design information platform providing access to information on published industrial designs from participating ASEAN countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).  It is expected that Indonesia and Myanmar will also join soon.    


ASEAN Designview was officially launched on 25 of August 2015 in Singapore, on the occasion of the IPOS IP Week.  ASEAN Designview contains more than 100,000 designs.


Launch of ASEAN Designview.     Learn more...