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The ECAP II programme has highly qualified contact persons in each ASEAN country participating in the programme. All are fluent in English and have extensive professional experience in the field of IP.

Flag of Brunei

Mrs. Naimah Mohd Ali
Senior Counsel
Attorney General?s Chambers
Ministry of Law
The Law Building

Ms Naimah Mohd Ali

Ms Naimah Mohd Ali has worked at the Attorney General Chambers since 1986 where she now holds the position of Assistant Solicitor General. She has several university degrees in law which she obtained in the UK and in Malaysia. In September 1998 she was appointed head of the registries section in the Attorney Chambers covering a broad range of IP rights.

Flag of Cambodia

Mr Penn Sovicheat
Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property Department (IPD)
Ministry of Commerce

Phnom Penh
Mr. Penn Sovicheat

Mr. Penn Sovicheat holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Economics and Business Administration, from Cambodian and Australian Universities. He has been appointed Deputy Director of the IPD in early 2000, following his stint as Deputy Director of Trade Preferences Department at the Ministry of Commerce during 1998-2000. With his extensive experiences in international trade and intellectual property issues, Mr. Penn Sovicheat now also serves as an active member in the negotiation team for Cambodia?s accession to the WTO. In addition, he works in various committees on economic cooperation and trade relations within ASEAN.

Flag of Indonesia
Indonesia (DGIPR)
Atty. Ardanta Sigit
Cooperation and Development of IPR
Department of Justice and Human Rights, R.I
Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights

Mr Arry Ardanta Sigit

Mr Sigit holds the position of Director of Co-operation and Development at the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights, Department of Justice and Human Rights. He holds two university degrees in agricultural engineering which he obtained in the UK and in Indonesia. He has more than 12 years of experience in the field of IP. Mr Sigit is the Chairperson of the National Working Group on Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge, and Folklore.

Logo Laos IP
Mr. Makha Chanthala
Director of the Intellectual Property Division
Department of Intellectual Property
Standardization and Metrology

Mr. Makha Chanthala

Mr. Makha has served as Director of the Intellectual Property Division since 2000. Upon his return with a master?s degree in mechanical engineering from the former Soviet Union in 1987, he had a one-year research stint at the Technology Research Institute. Since joining the IP Division in 1989, Mr Makha has worked in different fields including drafting of IP law, trade mark examination, trade mark registration before assuming the current position.

Flag Malaysia
Ms Shamsiah Kamaruddin
Head, Patent Formality Section
Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia
Ms Shamsiah Kamaruddin

The coordinator of ECAP I for Malaysia since 1995, Miss Shamsiah Kamaruddin?s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Economics/Finance, as well as a Masters degree in Business Administration. She has been working in the field of IP since 1993, initially as Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks for almost two years. In 1995, she started her attachment to the Patent Formality Section as Assistant Registrar of Patents. She has been promoted to her current position as head of Patent Formality Section from 1997 and she?s now ECAP II Contact Person as Malaysia joined the Programme in July 2004.

Flag of Philippines
Philippines (IPO)

Mrs. Carmen Peralta
Information, Documentation and Technology Transfer Bureau
Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
IPO Building, Penthouse

Makati City
Ms Carmen Peralta

Ms Peralta holds university degrees in information studies, commerce, accounting and business administration which she obtained in the UK and the Philippines. She has been actively involved in the field of trade and industry development since 1980. Since 1996 she has held the position of Director for Documentation, Information and Technology Transfer at the Intellectual Property Office in the Philippines. She has represented the Philippines in a number of local and international fora in the field of IP.

Flag of Singapore
Singapore (IPOS)
Mrs Liew Woon Yin
Registry of Trade Marks & Patents


Ms Liew Woon Yin

No specific person has been appointed as an ECAP II contact person. Liew Woon Yin (LLB, Singapore), Director-General of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). She has been a key figure in promoting the ECAP II partnership.

Flag of Thailand
Thailand (DIP)

Mr. Kajit Sukhum
Division of Promotion and Development of Intellectual Property
Department of Intellectual Property


Mr Kajit Sukhum

Kajit Sukhum has a doctorate in philosophy: agricultural economics as well as a degree in commerce which he obtained in the US and in New Zealand. He has worked in the field of trade and industry since 1989 at the Department of Foreign Trade, the Permanent Mission of Thailand to the WTO and the Ministry of Commerce. Since 2000 Mr Kajit Sukhum has held the position of Director, Intellectual Property Development and Promotion Division at the Department of Intellectual Property.

Flag of Vietnam
Vietnam (NOIP)

Mr Tran Quoc Khanh
Director, Technical Cooperation Division
National Office of Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (NOIP)

Thanh Xuan District

Mr Tran Quoc Khanh

Mr Khanh holds a doctorate in heat engineering which he obtained in Germany. He has worked for the National Office of Industrial Property since 1987, as a patent examiner in the invention and in the utility solution division and in the international relations division, of which he has been the head since 1997.


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