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Welcome to ECAP II
A welcome by Naimah Mohd Ali, Senior Counsel, Attorney General's Chambers.

Let me begin by saying that I am very pleased to be given this opportunity to make a brief welcome message. On behalf of the Government of Brunei Darussalam I would like to express my appreciation for the initiative taken by the European Commission and the implementing agencies, the European Patent Office and OHIM for all the works that they have done for the successful implementation of ECAP II.

The general objective of the EC-ASEAN IPR Co-operation Programme is to foster trade and investment between Europe and ASEAN and to facilitate the transfer of technology through the effective protection of intellectual property rights. Its specific objective is the modernization of the intellectual property system in ASEAN.

The programme has its origin in the EC-ASEAN Patents and Trademarks Programme (ECAP I) which ran from September 1993 to June 1997. ECAP II covers a wider area of intellectual property, that is copyright and related rights, geographical indications, layout designs of integrated circuits and the protection of undisclosed information.

The main objective of the programme is to achieve economic co-operation as well as to enhance the intellectual property system of ASEAN, in line with international requirements and standards, in particular the World Trade Organisation?s Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement)

Through this programme our office has gained much benefit and advantages. The programme has also contributed to our understanding and commitment in improving the intellectual property system. Our officers have attended various and diverse seminars and workshops regionally aimed at improving our knowledge of the intellectual property system. The exchange of information and the networking during the seminars attended have given our officers more information on situations in other ASEAN countries as well as providing them with opportunity to establish contacts and to exchange views.

The contacts are important to maintain relationships among the people and the organizations which support the intellectual property system in the future. The programme also helped to develop human resources within our country. Development of human resources who are involved with the administration and enforcement of intellectual property rights is very important as it is one of the main conditions for the establishment and efficient functioning of a modern intellectual property system at the national level.

I am sure with continued cooperation and commitment between and EC and ASEAN this programme will be as successful as ECAP I and the Intellectual Property System will be developed and strengthened taking into account of the changes in the information technology era as well as constantly maintaining a global perspective.

Ms Naimah Mohd Ali Mrs. Naimah Mohd Ali
Senior Counsel
Attorney General?s Chambers
Ministry of Law
The Law Building



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