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A welcome by Liew Woon Yin, Director General, IPO of Singapore

IPOS logoIn recent times, amid the momentous changes the world has seen, a key lesson to us all is that strong and resilient ties are necessary in order for us to react quickly, to adapt, to learn, and then continue to grow together.

The European Commission ASEAN IP Rights Co-operation Programme (ECAP II) has as its overarching objective, the development of regional and country-specific structures, policies and infrastructure for IP protection and enforcement. It is a platform on which our IP offices can leverage on to bring themselves, and hence collectively the region, to a higher level of understanding and application of IP rights.

As this network of ties extends not only within the region, but also to our partners in the European Union, the Programme provides opportunities for all of us to share experiences, to better understand our similarities and differences, to work towards agreement, in some circumstances to agree to disagree, and hence to grow.

Singapore is proud to be part of such an endeavor. It was only in 2001, that the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore was established as a statutory board under the Ministry of Law. We are still trying out our new wings, exploring new areas to foster greater understanding and application of IP in Singapore. We have a young regime ? our Patents Act came into existence only in 1995 and our Designs Act in 2000. Systems for registration are in place, but there is yet a lot to be done to encourage local innovation and understanding of the relevance of IP.

The ECAP II provides opportunities for us to learn from our partners especially in the areas of effective exploitation and commercialisation of IPRs, and the fine balance of protecting rights and encouraging trade & innovation. The platform provides opportunities for us to also work closer as a region in synchronization of our regimes.

Singapore looks forward to continued sharing of experiences & expertise, and the strengthening of ties and understanding in the region and with our partners in across the seas.


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Singapore Statutes Online The Singapore Statutes Online is a legal research tool that offers access to the full text of all current Acts of Singapore.
Trade Mark Legal Decisions (IPOS) Summaries of all grounds of decisions that were made by the Registry of Trade Marks since the beginning of 1999 are provided.
Legislation Update (IPOS) Updates to legislation from 1997 to 2002.


Ms Liew Woon Yin Mrs Liew Woon Yin
Registry of Trade Marks & Patents




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